Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Rebuilding

Following my first real injury in several years, I'm easing back into running slowly: 25-50 miles per week with 2-3 hrs mountain biking and lots of strength/circuit training. Conveniently (?) I won't be fit for the usual winter road races (DH Jones, Holyoke St Paddy's Day) so this is an opportunity to set myself up for my first year of focused trail racing, my first 50k (plural?) and my first mountain bike "training" (racing off of more than 90 min per week of saddle time). At 30 years old it's time to try the types of racing I've been thinking about for years. The only real bummer is that it'll be another month at least before I can rejoin Stoneman Legend and Willy Coon for the usual 2+ hour Sunday adventures.

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  1. Clicking into skis for the first time in ten years, there is a stiff stutter before muscle memory recalls glide. The hill came fast and gravity thrusts obligation upon unaccustomed tendon, muscle and bone. Gracias a dios, a pause comes before the pond's lip. A pond teeming with the vibrancy of flora and fauna save a few month's time, lies dormant under the silence of ice and snow. Why does the bullfrog lie splayed in frozen green (a deep heavy green imbued with the weight of death; absent of sun, water and life)? The pose implores the tenuous delineation between the slumbering brethren a few feet below awaiting spring thaw.

    The saga continues, and the absence of tangible growth doesn't foster doubt. The seed lies beneath snow and earth in frozen darkness; nestled in crystalized nutrient. Slowly power hones. Eternal patience creates boundless opportunity.

    We wait.

    We run.