Thursday, February 28, 2013

February summary

263 miles
9.4 miles per day avg.
3 hrs biking
36 hours total aerobic

Ok, getting the wheels rolling!  (But not the bike wheels- only one ride touching dirt, early in the month, over Earl's Trails. Before the blizzard. And I've been loathe to get on the bike trainer or ride to work much, the short ride to Umass not withstanding.) But, regarding running...almost ready for a good period of base training (April-June) with trails, tempos, and good mileage...before getting specific for my only serious road race of the year (Bridge of Flowers) in August.  Achilles is 85% and only hurts when running under 6 min pace, which I'm not doing much of yet. Winter is dragging on with general awfulness, but I finally have several crews of runners to cover 5 days a week-- the Professors, The Ben, and the classic duo of The Stoneman and the Jesus.

Beer of the Moment-- Shed Mountain Ale--
Phish Show of the Moment-- 2/28/03 (10 year anniversary!)--

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