Monday, November 4, 2013

Cider Donut Run

If this blog had more readership, I might have posted this before the race as an advertising gimmick.  But since it doesn't, and the event in question is over, I feel I should still commemorate the thing on this spectacle of narcissism that is my blog.  So:

Sunday was the 2nd annual Cider Donut Run 10k and 2 mile walk to benefit the Amherst Survival Center.  Michaela (Wifey) and I joined up with the just-forming race committee in February 2012 to get the wheels rolling on this new race.  At the time, we both had aspirations of starting a "company" of sorts putting on running and mountain bike races... I started grad school instead, but we stayed on with this race for a 2nd year, thus getting our race-director kicks.  Michaela has become the registration and timing tsar, while I handle course logistics.  Eight or so other folks comprise the rest of the committee, contributing expertise in promotions, sponsorship, and volunteer management.  We have met twice a month since April and will probably start 2014 planning in the Spring.

 It was unusually successful right out of the gates in 2012, with 420 finishers combined for the 1st year, and 538 registrants this year.  It has consumed many, many hours of our time over the past 8 months, time that might more sensibly be spent on teaching or grad school work...but it's probably the only unselfish thing that I do, and it feels great to have created something with a group of strangers.  I feel oddly outmatched and humbled working on this committee with successful, engaging people.  Below, a few choice photos from the race:

results posted, bubble machine.

scene @ the start

crowd consuming 1500 cider donuts
Alejandro and Sergio, 1st and 2nd, 40-49

Dad and Cody Best

Full results here:
Stoneman represented nicely in 6th place.  Other quality representation-- running friends and UMass professors Alejandro Heuck and Sergio Brena; in-laws Rich and Timna, and my Mom, braved the walk, complete with 1/2 mile "detour"; Dad Best and collie Cody, and in-laws Chris and Kelly, provided additional moral support (or just wanted to see why half of North Amherst was gridlocked with traffic).

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