Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bro, do you even LIFT?

Not much at one time, but yes, a bit.  The importance of strength is one of the lessons I've taken from recent years of lopsided training (too much mileage at the expense of functional strength and respectable race results-- which really should be the only benchmark).  Biking, hill running, and even old-fashioned lifting make the body feel way more put together when running down the road or trail.  I did quite a bit of lifting in college (too much, at times) and, practiced in moderation, I'm feeling much better.  Still a toothpick, but with sinew to push me up hills, etc.

So, the onset of 2014 necessitated the rebuilding of my squat rack.  Four hours, carriage bolts, and more structural integrity than I ever would have incorporated if left to my own devices (as evidenced by the first incarnation, dubbed the "death trap" by my wife--who insisted on using the drill 100% of the time).

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