Friday, April 17, 2015

Paleoanth'ng in San Francisco

Wow, a blog post about anthropology and not just running! Hopefully this will be a trend. 

This week I had the opportunity to present my research (poster-style) at the Paleoanthropology Society annual meeting in San Francisco. I'm pretty sure natural selection did not prepare us to hurtle 30k feet above the earth in a fuselage breathing recycled air...but other than 2 days lost to travel, what an amazing experience.  Immersion into a group of paleoanthropologists is a dork's dream of excited conversation and many pages of scribbled ideas for future research. I noted some breathless highlights of the science presented here

I got great feedback on my research and am inspired to take it further, either this summer (time permitting) or perhaps as PhD research. Though other ideas are fomenting as well, but I'm still far too ignorant to envision how to test most of them. 

when in doubt, suit up
Running content: hit the Dipsea trail and Muir Woods.

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  1. Apparently anthropologists have a very serious code for dressing up during poster presentations...