Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"What did Hadropithecus eat, and why should paleoanthropologists care?"

A year and a half ago I had the privilege of reworking a paper by famed "Lemur Lady" Laurie Godfrey, one of my professors at UMass.  I'm no primatologist, and most of my rewrite was rewritten again, so it is a gift and an honor to have my name kept on this paper.  Now it's published in the American Journal of Primatology!  Well, prepublished...the issue comes out in a few weeks I think.

(The very short answer to the question posed by the title: Because the diet and chewing anatomy of this giant extinct lemur informs us about the super weird hominin genus Paranthropus (aka, the robust Australopithicenes).

My first publication.  Thanks a ton to Laurie and the other coauthors for their generosity.

My trabecular bone project has yielded a paper which I've defended for my Master's degree.  Now in its umpteenth round of edits it's just about ready for submission to the Journal of Human Evolution, which will be a damn big day for me.  I'll post what I can, per copyright issues, when it's ready....

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