Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Psssst! Hey!


My hope is to finally maintain the pages tabbed at the top of this page as a reflection of (some) of the reading I'm getting into with my research.  In fact, these pages have been reworked to roughly follow my proposed Statements of Field- the things I'm supposed to know a lot about as I move through the PhD program.  As such, those of you interested in evolutionary questions of human endurance capacity--that strange intersection of biology, evolution, and paleoanthropology-- may find that this blog will offer a useful and quasi-regularly updated reading list.

I can't promise that this is the end of the occasional personal racing narrative.  No, I'm sure those will continue from time to time...unless I achieve the ultimate Enlightenment: lose the ego and become pure light.  No chance of that happening soon.

To wet the whistle:
Grandmothering and the evolution of Homo erectus
...outlining a case for a plant-based dietary adaptation in this species.  This is one of several late 90's papers that got beyond the idea of "man the hunter" (which is central to the persistence hunting hypothesis, by the way) and considered the implications of a plant foraging ecology of Homo erectus.

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