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Practicing masochistic self-indulgence since 1994

I'm a sponsored rider with Laughing Dog Bicycles with further support from:


2023 Race Results

Mountain bike

Belltown Throwdown- DNF

Bikes for Bovines- 11th/23 Expert/Elite

Domnarski Farm- 4th/8 Open/Pro

Gnar Weasels- 13th/20 Elite

Churney Gurney- 8th/13 Open/Pro

Round Top Rally- 6th/10 Open/Pro

Hibernator Epic 50- 5th overall


2022 Race Results

Mountain bike

Fat Tire Classic- 9th Cat 1 40-49

Domnarski Farm- DNF

Gnar Weasels- 3rd Cat 1 19-45, 3rd Cat 1 overall

Churney Gurney- 3rd Cat 1 40-49 (got lost! oops)

Rountop Rally- 8th/11 Open/Pro

Bear Brook Classic- 9th/14 Open/Pro

MUT Running

Whiteface Vertical Kilometer- 5th, 2nd masters

Career highlights

-9th, 2018 USA 50km Trail Championships

-19th, 2018 USA Mountain Running Championships

- 6th, 2017 Mt. Washington Road Race

- 20th, 2016 USA Mountain Running Championships

- 8th, 2016 Mt. Washington Road Race

- 2015 USATF-New England Mountain Running Series Champion

- 19th, 2014 USA Mountain Running Championships

- 8th, 2010 USATF-New England 10-Mile Championships

- 1st, 2009 Providence Marathon

- 102nd, 2007 Boston Marathon

- 69th, 2003 NCAA DII Cross Country Championships

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