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Strava/Mountain Running Project

Joe Viger Photography


I'm interested in exercise physiology insofar as it relates to evolutionary questions.  But, I'm also keen on the science of mountain running specifically, as a hobby of sorts. In 2017 I published a side project with Dr. Barry Braun of Colorado State University using the social media service Strava to investigate the physiology of mountain running (full text here ).


Here is a short list of papers dealing with the science of mountain running.  Many of these are cited in my paper linked above. 


Comparison of Level and Graded Treadmill Tests to Evaluate Endurance Mountain Runners


Performance factors in a mountain ultramarathon


The metabolic costs of walking and running up a 30-degree incline: implications for vertical kilometer foot races


Postural position and architectural foot modifications during Mountain Ultra-Marathon


Energetics of vertical kilometer foot races; is steeper cheaper?


Glycogen Utilization in Leg Muscles of Men during Level and Uphill Running


Lower extremity muscle activation during horizontal and uphill running


Linear decrease in VO2‐max and performance with increasing altitude in endurance athletes.


Short Trail Running Race: Beyond the Classic Model for Endurance Running Performance. (blog summary here )

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